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JFC Practice Schedule

The below link is for D1  U11 and U12 Jackson Division teams and above JFC D3 teams training at the JFC complex. Tab 1 is the field assignment tab and tab 2 is the field lining schedule.

Decisions about the opening and closing of the fields are made between 2:00-2:30 daily. The front page of the website (www.jacksonfc.com), the JFC Facebook page (www.facebook.com/jacksonfutbolclub) as well as the field hotline 601-800-2009 is updated as soon as a decision is made.

For the most recent practice and field lining schedule for D1 and U12 and above D3 teams see  HERE.  

The JFC complex is closed each year from June 15-August 10 and November 15-February 1. 

JFC Master Field Schedule - JFC Rainout 601-800-2009

Field Reservation Procedures

Attention D1 Team Managers: To Request a Field and/or Referees

Updated August 2017

The following fields are available for D-1 friendlies in the 2017-2018 season. BE SURE TO FOLLOW the Field Request Form and Procedures (see link below) when making a request for a field and/or referees. Requests that do not follow these procedures cannot be processed. Field Requests need to be emailed to jfcfields@gmail.com using the appropriate form. Please also copy refereejmb@gmail.com if referees are needed. No game requests will be honored on Thursdays due to the field availability with the current practice schedules. Monday and Tuesday game requests will be first come first serve basis All Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon requests will be honored unless something is going on at the complex.  You must find an alternate venue if you would like to play a game on Thursday.  There is a $6 assigning fee per game if it is requested 5 days or more in advance. If requested within the 5 days of a game being needed, there is a $20 fee. 

Mondays: Game Times 6:00 or 7:15/7:30 - First come basis

Tuesdays: Game times 6:00 or 7:15/7:30 - first come basis

Wednesdays : Field 4A, 4B, 5A, 5B, 5, 6, 7 Game times 6:00 and 7:15/7:30 pm. (This is a great night to request games)

Thursdays: NO GAMES - As D3 winds down late fall and late spring, we may OCCASIONALLY be able to honor Thursdays

Fridays: No games, special requests may be honored from time to time based on field availability

Saturdays: D3 has priority in the morning, but every effort will be made tohonor D1 requests for morning. Afternoon games can be played at any time.Start time for afternoon will be 1:00, 2:30, 4:00, etc, unless the time needs to be adjusted to be in line with the D3 schedule. Some morning games can be honored. 

Sundays: Start time 1 pm. Other times on a best efforts basis. No AM games except league games and round robins. 
Field Request Form and Procedures Click Here


Mississippi Futbol Club
P.O. Box 767 (D3 Recreational), P.O. Box 1214 (D1 Competitive)
Madison, Mississippi 39130

Phone : 601-898-1996
Email: smcso@bellsouth.net


9:00am-7:00pm Monday-Friday

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